Joanna Beth Seere

Telepathic Animal Communicator
Spiritual Healer
Spiritual Counselor
Integrative Psychotherapist

Trained for many years in the healing arts and sciences, Joanna realized that she had a gift in animal healing when she faced a medical crisis with her cats, Samantha and Max.

Diagnosed with Feline Leukemia, they were given an extremely poor prognosis. Joanna began extensive exploration into holistic treatment options, including drawing on what she had learned as a spiritual healer for people, to create healing sessions for her animals. In the process, she developed an even greater awareness of the true nature of animals and how to help them heal. This healing journey not only brought health and long life to Samantha and Max but also opened the gateway to Joanna's new calling in life: as a telepathic communicator and spiritual healer for animals.

An engaging lecturer and workshop leader, Joanna frequently teaches telepathic animal communication and spiritual healing, animal rights, and the nature of the animal/human bond for organizations and groups both in the United States and abroad.

Frequently in the news, Joanna has been interviewed on national television and international radio, featured on PBS, and profiled in publications and newspapers, from community-based to nationally-syndicated.

Animals are intelligent, instinctive, intuitive, spiritual beings
-- as we are.

They have personalities, thoughts feelings -- as we do.

They have souls and consious awareness -- as we have.

Animals respond to the love of their human and animal family members and are receptive to openhearted communication and healing -- as we are.

Animals are beings of immeasurable sensitivity and compassion, and harbor the light of God within them
-- as we do.

   Animals and human beings.

Although we are different, we are the same.

Joanna Beth Seere