Testimonials: Illness, Dying & Death

Dear Joanna,

I just want to thank you so much for helping us heal and find some closure yesterday. I have been comforted by your words beyond belief. I truly believe that you felt the true essence of Tokyo. He was such a special boy. I relayed the messages to my son and we cried together but this time it was tears of comfort and love. We will never forget him and continue to miss him but knowing what we know now gives us a feeling of peace. It also makes us feel good to know that he has given his blessing to any new additions. I will continue to seek you out for any other issues we may have and recommend you highly. I thank you for your beautiful gift of healing and comforting. You and your gift are truly a blessing and I can't thank you enough.

With much gratitude,

Whitney and Mack Smith
Matthews, NC

"I first contacted Joanna when my cat Henry was seriously ill with cancer. I knew very little about communication and spiritual healing. Over a period of two months, Joanna did weekly sessions with Henry. It seemed that his physical problems were troubling him less, and there was a sense of deep rest and calm in him.

Joanna's sessions gave us the opportunity to express things to each other that had been left unsaid and to resolve issues of separation so that we could both let go. I was able to say goodbye, knowing that our last two months had been filled with the deepest expression of our love for each other."

Lesley Heathcote, Brattleboro, VT

"My bulldog Jokko hadn't eaten for two weeks except for forced feedings. The day after working with Joanna, Jokko began to eat. When Jokko died, Joanna's grief counseling saved me from terrible despair.

Joanna understands how deeply a human being can love an animal. Jokko's special message to me through Joanna was 'go outside and run with the dogs and I will always be there'. And do you know what? He always is."

D.D.V., Millington, TN

"Joanna's communication and healing work came at a time when my beloved cat Mish-Mish developed a cancerous tumor in his jaw. Mish was nearing his 17th birthday and had enjoyed a healthy life with me.

Joanna's healing work and prayers comforted me and helped me cope during a very difficult time. It also calmed Mish and eased his pain. Her insight, intuition, and advice during his illness and passing were invaluable."

Amalia Haddad, New York, NY

"I will be forever grateful to Joanna for the help she gave both to me and my special Bearded Collie, Bentley. Although I found Joanna too late in Bentley's illness, I know his life was greatly extended by her work.

During healings, there was always a resurgence of energy in Bentley that both my husband and I noticed. Bentley was able to continue to enjoy life even with his illness. After Bentley departed, Joanna's help made me feel closer to him and helped me heal my sorrow.

Marilyn Merkle, Naples, FL

"I first contacted Joanna when my cat Buddy was diagnosed with fibrosarcoma. We did several sessions with Buddy alone and then with my cats, Andrew and Thomas. I grew much closer to all three cats and opened my ability to communicate with them as a result of our sessions.

Some time later, Thomas became ill. The night before he died, we had a session in which we both were able to tell the other how much we loved each other. He said he would let me know when he was ready to go. And the next morning, he did. That conversation and healing helped me get through the weeks that followed his death."

Delice Richards, Banner Elk, NC

"My dog Tucker ran into the road was killed by an oncoming car. I was overwhelmed by guilt and grief. I could feel my connection with Tucker in all the words Joanna spoke from him. Everything she said rang true; most of what she related she could not have possibly known.

The connection Joanna made with Tucker cut through the grief and helped calm me."

Linda Smith, Sherborn, MA

"I have experienced much peace of mind since I had the opportunity to be in touch with my dear sweet Red with Joanna's help. Knowing that he has accepted our separation has helped me feel better. His loss was so difficult but, since our session, I have become more accepting of my sweet boy's passing."

Mary Durso, New York, NY

"Joanna helped me greatly when my beloved seven-year-old soulmate Sparky died suddenly. A few years before his death, Sparky and I had taken a workshop with Joanna. We loved it! I learned a lot about Sparky's nature and my own as well.

At Sparky's death, Joanna's compassion and caring helped soothe my soul. I felt I could believe and trust what she shared with me about Sparky. I felt spiritually uplifted and at peace after our session."

Bonnie Berke, Secaucus, NJ

"Joanna communicated and did healings with my three cats: Mittens, Princess and Blondie. Her communication with them made it possible for me to understand what they were feeling and what they wanted from me. Her healings brought comfort to each cat during illness and at the time of passing from this life. After each one's passing, Joanna was able to tell me about the cat's experience of the afterlife. My connection with them through Joanna brought me comfort and peace, and helped me adjust to their passing."

J.J., Bayside, NY

"Jaade came to us as a young bunny just one week before our older bunny Hazel died. Jaade was left without an older guide to help her understand our household. She tried everything to be friends with our dog, Max, who was grieving Hazel's passing. She tried washing Max's face, snuggling next to him, and running to get him to chase her. Nothing worked. Finally, she began to sit beside him and pee on whatever they were sitting on.

Using Joanna as a communicator, we explained to her that Max needed some grieving time and that he really missed his buddy. He wasn't ready to be her friend yet. Since our conversation through Joanna, we have reached a compromise. Max lets Jaade know when he doesn't want attention. Jaade joins in with the family and doesn't pester him. She has been doing well and we are very pleased with her progress.

Joanna has helped us with these types of problems and has assisted us in the process of letting go of two of our bunnies who were preparing to die. Her communication skills have been invaluable to our family, and her healing skills have assisted our animals in their passage. We highly recommend her."

Judy Ramsey, Chelsea, MI