Testimonials: Emotional & Behavioral

"My favorite story working with Joanna concerns a shepherd mix... a rescue I was fostering who had a lot of problems. It seemed that this dog could not be housebroken. She had it backwards. We'd walk for hours and the minute she came inside, she cheerfully squatted. I was at my wit's end. How could I possibly place this dog?

I booked a session with Joanna. The next day, the dog was completely housebroken. This is a true story!"

H.J., Brooklyn, NY

"I have worked with Joanna over several years and have found her insight into my cat Sai to be extremely helpful. Most recently, we are working on a behavioral issue. Joanna listens with an empathetic ear and is honest and straightforward in her assessment. This helps me look at the deeper dynamics between Sai and me. I always feel relief during our sessions.

By following Joanna's suggestions, Sai and I are developing a stronger, more mature communication and relationship."

Melinda Gates, San Antonio, TX

"My animals and I have had sessions with Joanna dealing with a variety of issues. Through communication and healing, Joanna helped my son's cat (who was feeling lost, misplaced and maladjusted in his new home with another cat ) transform into a content animal who now lies paw-to-paw and even head-to-head with his new friend.

Working with Joanna is a pleasure. She is extremely compassionate and loving... an extraordinary woman and healer. I am thrilled to be able to have her as part of my life and my pets' lives."

S.G., Long Island, NY

"I found Blanca, our beautiful white German Shepherd, running down Sunset Boulevard. Thomas and I fell in love (with Blanca) instantly! She had been abused and suffered from many emotional issues. She adjusted quickly to us and did very well in her new home. One day, she panicked crossing a street. She deteriorated until she would not leave the house.

After our first session with Joanna, Blanca began making marked improvement. She was calmer and could go into the front yard again. After a few sessions, she was acting much more like her old self -- only better, happier and more self-assured. She had more personality and was more affectionate. Blanca continued to improve over time and recovered her joy of walking and living. It was as if Joanna showed her how to heal."

Marla &Thomas, Costa Mesa, CA

"Joanna's holistic approach to animal communication is thorough and refreshing. My session with her was interesting, informative and addressed the physical and emotional issues of my dog, Delight. I was enabled to make informative choices in the best interest of my animal. In addition, she provided suggestions on nutrition that have helped Delight in her aging years.

Joanna's gift and talent is a great credit to her profession."

Faye Rexrode, Kent Island, MD

"Joanna has been instrumental in helping me to understand and work with my horse, George. He suffered a back injury and, although his pain subsided, he displayed behavioral problems associated with painful memories. This led to dangerous behavior (on his part) and a lack of confidence (on both of our parts).

I came to Joanna when my alternatives for George were limited and unpleasant. She gave us the strength and encouragement that George and I needed to persevere. Joanna has not only offered us the invaluable (and astounding) benefit of communication and healing but also practical advice and real horse sense — an overall approach to setting George and me on the right track again."

Karen Ebert, London, England


"My 9-year-old dog C-Man suddenly started biting. There were four serious bites in four weeks. They were without warning and without provocation. C-Man had suddenly become a dangerous dog. His vet ruled out any detectable physical causes and declared him healthy. This was a death sentence.

In one last-ditch effort, I contacted Joanna. Even though I was skeptical, I contacted her mostly to ease my conscience after C-Man was euthanized — to be able to say I tried everything to solve the problem.

During their first "conversation", Joanna discerned a pressure at the base of C-Man's skull and a "misfiring" in his brain. He "told" her, among other things, that he didn't know he was going to bite, but afterward he was aware of what he had done. Joanna said it seemed as if the problem was lifelong, but was, for some reason, intensifying at this time. Joanna referred us to a homeopathic vet. She also recommended that we visit a local chiropractor. The chiropractor confirmed that the vertebrae at the base of C-Man's skull were extremely misaligned.

There have been NO acts of aggression since then. In fact, C-Man seems more relaxed and easy-going than ever before. I don't understand this communication process, but Joanna is obviously well trained and talented in her craft of animal communication and healing. She can offer information about supportive resources, which allows her to provide comprehensive guidance. C-Man and I think she's great, and, thanks to her skills and caring, my beloved companion is alive, happy and even-keeled today."

N.D., Lewisboro, NY


"At a time when I was close to giving up on my young, energetic, spooky mare, we began long distance sessions with Joanna. Initially, I noticed the sessions had a calming effect on my mare. Eventually, she became more manageable for longer periods of time as we learned to understand each other in new ways.

I learned to see problems from a different perspective. My mare has become much braver, and I have learned to sense what she needs from me to help her."

C.G., Los Altos, CA


"Nelson and I were shocked to find out that our 3 1/2 year old Australian Shepherd (Seamus) had severe arthritis as a result of hip dysplasia in his right hip. We decided to go with a total hip replacement. In the course of making this decision, I strongly felt that animal communication (which I had recently found out about) would help Seamus understand what he was going to be facing and what we needed to do to aid in his recovery.

Seamus was very appreciative of the fact that he was informed as to how and why this very major medical procedure would take place. Because he understood how important it was to stay inactive during the two-month recovery period, he accepted this without protest (an amazing feat, considering that he is a VERY active dog) and never licked the four-inch incision site.

These sessions also were beneficial for me. My perception of Seamus changed. I had always considered him a wonderful dog but, as a result of the communication, I came to regard Seamus as a fellow sentient being from whom I can learn a great deal. Thank you Seamus and thank you Joanna."

Martha Geissler, Charlotte, NC