Joanna's Gateway to Animal Healing:
Samantha and Max

In 1985, my beloved cats, Max and Samantha (ages 3 and 5), were diagnosed with Feline Leukemia. According to Western medicine, this was an immediate death sentence. Refusing to accept this prognosis, I began an extensive exploration into alternative treatment choices.

For several years, I had been a student of spiritual healing. After Samantha's and Max's diagnosis, I became curious about how I could adapt what I was learning (about spiritual healing for people) to working with my animals. I began healing sessions with Samantha and Max, looking to them to teach me how to work with animals. They guided me with clarity, kindness and compassion down a new -- yet familiar -- path. Their illness and healing changed my life forever: giving me an even greater awareness of the true nature of animals which helped me better assist them in the healing process.

Samantha and Max

Samantha and Max were sensitive, gentle, heart-centered, compassionate beings. I adored them.

Sam was a gorgeous black cat with a shiny satin coat and crystal green eyes. A wise and masterful healer in her own right, she could touch your soul by simply gazing into your eyes. Sam was "first healer" of the house. When my healing client would arrive, she would scrutinize him/her from head to toe and decide where the person needed healing. As soon as s/he was settled on the healing table, Sam would jump up (with the person's permission, of course) and lay down on the exact spot where the discomfort was felt. Sam would go into a deep meditative state, purring wildly. When she felt that the healing was complete, she would get up and leave the room. Every person Sam touched felt remarkably better after she blessed them with her healing presence.

Max was a big, handsome, gray Maine Coon mix with a long, silky coat and a very outspoken voice. The "greeter", Max would vocalize his welcome as each client arrived. He would escort the client into the healing room, making sure s/he got settled. Then he would leave the room. If the client spoke loudly or was emotional, Max would come charging in to make certain that everything was okay. When the session was over, he would escort the person to the door, wishing him/her well as s/he departed.

Samantha and Max were wonderful healing partners for me and very special family members. They understood the purpose in our being together, personally and professionally. Our love and devotion to each other were extraordinary. Our bond was the deepest: heart to heart, soul to soul, and spirit to spirit.

In the healing program I developed for my cats, I combined a variety of holistic health treatment approaches, including homeopathy, herbs and nutritional supplements. As Samantha, Max and I continued our healing journey together, our telepathic connection deepened dramatically and our spiritual healing sessions took on new depth and dimension. Health and deep inner peace became the continual condition of their lives. Max and Samantha became the living proof of my work, living in vibrant health until the ages of 10 and 12 respectively... a miracle for cats with Feline Leukemia.

Samantha and Max helped open the gateway for me to my new calling in life: as a telepathic communicator and spiritual healer for animals. It is here -- in my work with animals -- that I can express all of my joy, all of my gifts and all of my love. It is the way in which the Divine -- God -- expresses itself, in me and through me, for the benefit of animals and their people all over the world.