Graduate Courses

These courses are designed for those who have completed The Training Program and want to expand their abilities.

Now that you've completed The Training Program, what do you do? For those who want to begin a career as a professional animal communicator or have an informal practice, this workshop will help you get started. With step-by-step instructions, you'll begin building your practice with greater confidence.

Learn profound ways of working with and helping animals heal through advanced meditation and alignment practices, and through hands-on and distance healing experiences. You'll expand your abilities to perceive, feel, and sense energy while being in a state of expanded energetic awareness. This class will add new depth and dimension to your healing abilitiies.

Begin to hone in on your special gifts and broaden your abilities to communicate with animals. Gain a more solid understanding of how to clearly interpret what you are receiving from the animal. This class is designed to help you improve your accuracy and confidence in communication work.

If you work with animals in a professional or casual way, supervision will help you gain clarity on issues that arise during your work with animals and their people. You'll receive professional support and focused supervision as you develop advanced skills. And you'll receive special training in facilitating the animal/human relationship. Take this class alone or in combination with the advanced course offered on the same day.

To read more about what participants have to say about the graduate courses, see testimonials.

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