Testimonials: Health

" I have worked with Joanna frequently over many years. Whenever change was imminent in our lives, I would call on Joanna and she would help make the transition easier for my animals.

As much as I have looked to Joanna in the past, I have never depended upon her as much as I have recently. My beloved dog Maverick became crippled from degenerative lumbosacral stenosis and a disk pressing on the nerves. Had it not been for Joanna, for her constant connection with him, her ability to let me know what he needed, and for giving him healings, I truly believe that my precious Mavi would not be alive today. Mavi is 3 weeks shy of being 12 years old and is living peacefully with a difficult and progressive disease.

Although we are now in the process of facing whatever ending is near for Maverick, I know that I am not alone. I don't have to "figure out" what he needs and what is right for him, I have an ally who can help me understand. Not only is Joanna there to support Maverick, but her support of me is invaluable. I know that I have someone in my corner who can help. "

Sharon Golden, Hewlett Bay Park, NY

"I needed something to help me understand my dogs, Jasper and Claire. Dogs in the neighborhood were biting Jasper. Claire had health and emotional issues. I was very curious about how Joanna was going to work with us since the session was conducted over the phone.

The session was beautiful. I was amazed at how accurate she was about my dogs! Joanna helped me understand the mechanism of disease, how to make every day life better and how much my dogs are influenced by my thoughts and actions. My dogs are healthier since our session. Jasper feels more confident and Claire is more friendly to people.

I never received so much help and useful information in one hour."

S.O., New York, NY

"I approached Joanna for support for my dog, Baba. She helped us make the decision for surgery and supported me through my fears. She did communication and long-distance healing work prior to and after the surgery.

I am convinced that her work contributed greatly to his rapid, smooth and easy recovery. Her insights and understanding were remarkable, particularly as she had only seen his photograph. Even though I live in the Middle East, distance didn't seem to matter. She gave me regular updates, support and assurance during this difficult period.

Joanna is warm, caring, easy to talk to and thoroughly professional. Baba and I are very grateful that we had Joanna by our side."

Sharadha Bain, Dubai, UAE

"My first contact with Joanna was after our cat Charlie's first cancer surgery. As soon as Joanna started to work with him, he began to do much better. One day, while chasing a squirrel, Charlie fell out of a tree. He injured himself so badly that he could barely walk.

Joanna worked with him, and he made an amazing recovery. In two weeks, he was running around the garden again! I honestly believe that if Joanna had not worked with him, he would not have recovered from the fall."

A.W., Westfield, NJ

"I originally called Joanna more than two years ago because our Labrador puppy, Sarah, was very ill with severe diarrhea and vomiting. The vets did all kinds of tests but couldn't figure out what was wrong with her.

I consulted Joanna, and Sarah began to improve the very next day. I believe that without Joanna's help, Sarah would have died. As part of Sarah's healing process, Joanna helped Sarah with her fears of separation and abandonment.

The turnaround I saw in Sarah began to change my mind about things. I have since quit graduate school and have begun training with Joanna to become an animal communicator and healer. Not only did Joanna's professionalism, skill and expertise save Sarah's life, but it changed mine too!"

Kelly Coyle DiNorcia, W. Orange, NJ

"Joanna is very warm and compassionate towards animals. She is able to tune in deeply to what the animal needs and help them facilitate their healing process. My animals became stronger and able to rally their inner resources after working with her. This helped me to become more open, compassionate and understanding of my animals' needs. The healings she gave to one dog who was very sick helped turn her around and bring her back to health."

Susan Turner, Riverdale, NY

"When my golden retriever Brandy was diagnosed with breast cancer, Brandy and I worked with Joanna on a weekly basis. Joanna very specifically and accurately described Brandy's physical, emotional and mental state. She was always able to find out what Brandy was feeling and what she was needed.

I feel that without Joanna's skill, tenderness and deep admiration for animals, Brandy would not have lived so long."

Eileen Marder-Mirman, Rockville Centre, NY

"My precious cat Jay was facing eye surgery. I turned to Joanna to help me understand his experience and to support him. She accurately 'tuned in' to a problem that arose with his eye after surgery. She reassured me that he wasn't in pain and encouraged me to visit the vet who agreed with her assessment.

Joanna has helped me make the transition from a fearful new mom of cats to a more at-ease mom. Her communication and recommendations for my cats' physical and emotional health have enriched their lives beyond measure."

J.P., Forest Hills, NY

"I worked with Joanna with my cat Cheshie who had a serious heart problem. When Cheshie had a check-up 6 months later, the doctor was mystified that he had actually improved!

After living six more years, Cheshie died at the age of 16 - and not from heart problems. Joanna was there for him again in his final days, and although there was no "cure" this time, there was a definite healing for both of us."

N.B., New York, NY


"My cat Cookie developed diabetes at a very early age. Joanna helped me relate to Cookie on a much deeper level. His health improved within four months of treatment, and he was taken off

of insulin completely. Now, at age six, Cookie is healthy and vibrant. Joanna also assisted us in finding Pumpkin, the right kitten for Cookie. They are both happy, healthy and get along well. I am forever grateful for Joanna's help."

Pai-Ling Teng, San Chung City, Taiwan

"Joanna is a gifted and knowledgeable communicator/healer who has been extremely helpful with our family of aging cats. She has explained what the cats are feeling, why they are reacting and what they will accept as health treatment. Joanna enabled our dear cat Baby's passing to be easier on all of us. She also helped us understand our cat Blinky's difficulties and advised us with ways of assisting him that we found nowhere else."

Rosemary Haigh, Elmont, NY

"When our cat Gabby was diagnosed with metastasized intestinal lymphoma, we decided to explore both traditional and holistic methods of treatment.

I am thrilled to say that Joanna's work has helped Gabby's cancer continue to be in remission, and it has helped improve the health of our 18-year-old cat, Spats. I found that these sessions helped me tremendously too, by bringing me closer to my cats and to my spiritual center."

Y.G., New York, NY

"After having suffered for almost a year from urinary tract infections, my cat Pearl contracted a very rare urinary infection. The medications she needed to take had serious side effects including possible kidney damage.

Joanna's energy work was a Godsend. She directed healing energy to Pearl daily for the nine days during which she was receiving injections. I am certain that my cat did well through all this because of Joanna's help."

S.Q., Columbia, MO

"Joanna’s ability to translate the individual voices of my three animals — my dog Ming and cats Puffkin and Spunky — is uncanny. She not only gets the information I need to help them, but she also captures each animal’s unique way of communicating.

Joanna's healing abilities have especially helped Puffkin to recover from life threatening physical problems. It’s miraculous that she has returned to her vital self in so short a time. Her healing sessions have resulted in consistent progress! Joanna is always there for my companions, offering warm support, clear messages, and solutions to any problems that need attention."

Rae Ramsey, Animal Communicator, New York, NY

"When my beloved cat Snowflake had a serious health crisis in her 13th year, I fell apart. Fortunately, a long-time friend gave me Joanna's number.

We arranged regular sessions from which everyone benefited. Joanna helped me to hear and respond to all my pets' needs and wishes, providing guidance and healing as well. I watched in amazement as all my "kids" began to grow and evolve, radiating peace, acceptance and love. Snowflake lived nearly three more years with a wonderful quality of health. At the end, she was able to clearly express to me when her time had come. Joanna and I continue to work with my oldest cat, Lucy, who is now quite elderly but very peaceful and happy at the end of her life.

So much has changed for the better since Joanna came into our lives. We cannot imagine life without her."

S.S., RN, Nashua NH.