Joanna Beth Seere is a telepathic animal communicator and spiritual healer who works with all species of animals. She helps animals and their human family members share their joys in life and face challenges in:
  • health: illness & injury
  • behavior
  • animal/human relationships
  • change: moving, vacations, new family members
  • dying, death & bereavement

Joanna's communication and healing work also helps people and their animal family members understand each other better and deepen their bond.

To schedule your session with Joanna, please go to schedule a session.

" Hello. I'm delighted that you're visiting my website. You and I have a great love for animals. And I know that your love has brought you here. Perhaps you're curious about interspecies telepathic communication and how it can help you deepen your relationship with your animal family member. Perhaps your animal is in need of healing assistance.

Whatever your need, please read on. Your questions should be answered in the pages that follow. If I can help you and your animal family member in any way, please contact me."

In addition to individual sessions
, Joanna offers a Training Program in Animal Communication & Healing as well as workshops on specialized topics related to animals. A caring and compassionate healer, teacher and supervisor, Joanna offers supervision to professional animal communicators and healers who seek support and guidance in their work.

Located in New York state, Joanna serves an international clientele by telephone and in face-to-face sessions.