Individual Sessions

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For many years, I have worked one-on-one with animals and their families -- helping them understand each other and work with a wide range of issues and situations that come up in life:

  • health challenges (acute and chronic)
  • emotional issues
  • behavioral difficulties, including fearful/aggressive behavior
  • urination/defecation issues
  • travel & moving preparation and support
  • kennel choices
  • relationships, including multi-animal households
  • stress management: the animal's, the person's, environmental
  • support during illness, crisis, dying, death
  • decisions concerning euthanasia
  • counseling and support for grieving animals and people
  • exploring the spiritual connection between the animal and his/her human companion
  • recommendations concerning diet and supplements
  • recommendations of traditional medical and/or alternative care practitioners
  • adjustment issues: to a new human (adult, new baby) or animal family member

Sessions take place over the telephone. As illustrated by testimonials from my clients, communication and healing are very effective long distance.

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Here's how to prepare for your individual session.