Joanna is frequently in the news!

featured in...
  • VH1, The Fabulous Life of Celebrity Pets, hosted by Robin Leach
  • Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), "Pets, Part of the Family: Touching the Soul", with host Gary Burghoff
  • Fox Cable News, "Pet News", with Brian Kilcommons
  • 5 Live/BBC, "Up all Night", with Richard Evans
  • Radio & Television of Ireland, "Today Program", with Phillip Boucher-Hayes
  • Manhattan Neighborhood Television, "Animal Rescue", with Jean Novack
  • WSAR Radio, "Mornings in the Southeast" with Hec Gauthier & Kevin McGonagle
  • SPIN RADIO, Dublin, Ireland, "Spin Talk" with Jack and Ali
  • WTBQ, Florida, NY, "Horse Talk" with June Evers, Chip Watson and Peter Cashman

written about in...

  • The New York Daily News, "City healer has Animal Magnetism" by Charles W. Bell
  • The Independent (England), " New York dogs get their own psychics" by Davis Usborne
  • Time Out Magazine, "Psycho Kitty, Qu'est-ce Que C'est?" by Amy Brill
  • Our Town, "Animal Psychics All the Rage", by Yung-Pei Chen

and published in...

  • The Manhattan Pet House Resident, "Can Spiritual Healing Save a Pet's Life?"
  • The Manhattan Pet House Resident, "Living with Feline Leukemia"
  • The Santa Fe Sun (NM), "How Animals Heal"
  • Petroglyphs (NM), "Spiritual Healing and Animals"
  • The Ray of Connection (NJ), "Healing through Immanence"
  • New Earth (MT), "Animals: Our Friends, Teachers and Healers"

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