Animals respond eagerly and joyfully to communication. Like people, they long to be seen, felt and understood for who they are. Interspecies telepathic communication opens a deeper dialogue between humans and their animal family members, allowing humans to enter their family members' inner world. When animals are able to express their thoughts and feel understood, they open to growth and change. Sharing in this way deepens the human/animal bond and creates more precious and fulfilling relationships.

Telepathic communication and spiritual healing can help your animal family members in all areas of life:
the physical, emotional and spiritual. Both can have tremendous impact on the well-being of not only your animal family member but also your entire family. Telepathic communication and spiritual healing complements and enhances not only non-traditional health treatment but also traditional medical care.

If your animal has a serious health condition, these modalities are gentle yet powerful approaches that restore well-being. Both can assist you in learning how your animal family member feels and what his/her wishes are - thereby enabling you to make decisions together about all aspects of treatment. Spiritual healing will assist your animal in awakening his/her deepest and truest nature: spiritual nature. When one's spiritual Essence is fully awakened, things that are called "miracles" can occur.

Telepathic communication and spiritual healing offer compassionate and supportive choices for an animal diagnosed with an "untreatable" or "incurable" condition. At these times, understanding your animal family member's wants and needs is crucial. Communication can help you honor your animal and yourself by enabling you to be true to what is right for both of you. Spiritual healing can have unexplainable, positive effects in situations that are considered "hopeless." They can also help you and your animal family member accept the transition process with grace.... helping a dying animal "let go" and pass on peacefully from this life.

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