Preparing for Your Individual Session

On the Day of Your Appointment:
  • Be in a quiet, relaxing place in your home. Invite your animal family member to rest nearby, in a place of his/her choosing.
  • Call exactly at your appointment time. If you reach my voice mail, do not leave a message. Wait five minutes and call again.

Communication and healing energy are not affected by distance.

What to Expect During Your First Session

  • We'll begin by discussing your animal family member, including his/her history and the issues that lead you to contact me.

  • I will open a communication with your animal, exploring these issues more deeply from his/her perspective. I will assist you in gaining a greater understanding of your animal and help him/her appreciate your point of view. And we'll find ways to satisfy your mutual needs.

  • We'll conclude the session in a relaxed state together. Through spiritual healing, I'll help your animal open to new possibilities through change from within.

The effects of telepathic communication and spiritual healing can occur in subtle or dramatic ways - immediately or over a period of time.

A few days after your session, please leave me a message (email preferred) that describes any change you notice in your animal family member(s), in yourself and in other family members. This feedback will help me assist your animal in the future.