Testimonials: Relationships

"I have to confess that I was initially skeptical that anyone could actually communicate with animals.

However, the first time I worked with Joanna, I knew that she was communicating with my dogs. What she reported they said "fit" each of their individual personalities - and she had never met them. Through Joanna's work, my dogs began to change their relationships with each other and work out difficulties. And, my experience of and relationship to my dogs began to shift. I gradually grasped a new level of communication with my dogs - something I'd never experienced before. The only explanation for this is the communication and healing work Joanna did with our family.

This has changed my life because I know now on an experiential level that humans aren't the only beings who think, feel and communicate."

Sharon Isaacson, New York, NY

"Joanna has been a real partner in helping me to navigate my way through making the best choices I can for my cat, Zoë. Joanna is there as an objective but thoroughly compassionate voice, someone who listens and doesn't judge, who eases my heart when it's heavy with what I'm perceiving as painful decisions. She does this through her kindness and caring and certainly through her ability to communicate with Zoë and tell me how things look from the cat's point of view. It has been revealed—to no great surprise—that Zoë is the calmer one of our household duo, who weathers storms and my concerns with aplomb. I completely and wholeheartedly recommend that anyone who loves his or her companion animal have a few sessions with Joanna; it is unbelievable, but true, that the sessions will deepen a bond that is already so deep it is indescribable."

Thea Feldman, New York, NY

"I was led to Joanna by my dogs' vet. Her work with Tuscon and Barney has provided me a great sense of peace and a loving relationship with my dogs. She has helped me see how my inner turmoil affects my dogs.

I am thankful and grateful to Joanna for the work she does."

Alecia Evans, Tuckaho, NY

"Joanna has been an extraordinary healer for my family. She guided us gently through the death of a beloved cat a few years ago, and then helped the remaining cat through his grief and loneliness. When we finally brought a new cat home, Joanna worked with both cats to help the older one shift some very destructive behavior patterns. The two cats are now friends and have, with Joanna's help, weathered together the experience of bringing a new baby into our home.

Words can barely express the gratitude we have for Joanna. I recommend her wholeheartedly to anyone who loves their animal companions."

W.J., New York, NY

"I came to Joanna to help me better understand my animals, especially Soho. She helped me open my eyes and heart to greater spiritual understanding and wisdom. I learned about grief, surrender, making space in my heart, the purpose of love and compassion, and about healing for myself and my animals."

Susan Kalev, New York, NY

"I came to Joanna because my four-month-old dog, Camoun, had been attacked by four dogs, and I wanted to be sure I understood what was going on inside him. After the last healing, something changed dramatically for Camoun and me. I now seem to get through to him in a way I never had before."

Beatrice Imperiali, New York, NY

"Joanna's healing and communication work with our companions (Lila, Bhakti and Dharma) has had a major impact on our interrelationship as a family. All rescue dogs, they have learned to accept each other and to interact peacefully. Working with Joanna has also been instrumental in building our confidence in our abilities, as humans, to communicate with our dogs.

We cannot recommend Joanna's healing and communication work highly enough. It has taken our relationships to a deeper level."

Sharon & Richard Mayer, New York, NY

" Working with Joanna has been a blessing for me and for my animals. Her talent and insight have helped me through all kinds of situations from moving, to illness, to introducing new animals to my household. Joanna has helped me not only with my dogs (Luka and Chloe) but also with my iguana, my bird and even my struggle with the plight of animals in general in this world. Since I have been working with her (about 7 years now) I have a better understanding of my pets and my relationship with all living creatures. I can't imagine not working with her and those who are hesitant to call her are missing out on so much."

S.R., Providence, RI

"I had a phone conference with Joanna when I was preparing to introduce a dog into my two-cat household. I am a down-to-earth person and was skeptical about animal communication, but I was desperate.

Joanna's reading of the situation was so sensible. She revealed the feelings of each animal, and they were accurate and consistent with their personalities. Understanding the concerns of each party (including me), and how I could affect the situation, had a calming influence on me and the animals.

Joanna helped make this challenging experience more joyful."

Mary Lee Duff, New York, NY

"I met Joanna several years ago when took her Introductory Workshop on Animal Communication and Healing — a wonderful learning experience!

This past year, our very special and beloved cat Fred had some medical problems. Joanna did some healing sessions with us. Through these sessions, a greater understanding and healing bond developed between me, my husband and Fred. Joanna has inner peace and a great sense of humor. Her ability to become one with the interconnectedness of all life allows her to communicate with animals and for healing to occur. "

C.I., Brewster, NY

"Joanna helped my cat Jack make a major difficult adjustment. Jack was a stray in Bermuda that I found while on vacation. He went from sharing a peaceful home environment and being the focus of everyone's attention, to abruptly trying to cope with the introduction of two new puppies. Each time Joanna spoke with him, I could immediately see a difference in his behavior. Joanna's communication with the puppies, Keira and Bandit, also helped to ease Jack's anxiety.

Joanna's sensitivity not only helped Jack make a transition, but allowed me to deal with a stressful situation. The developing relationships between the three animals are a work in progress, but one that I'm sure Joanna will continue to help us manage! "

Erin Hinton, Yonkers, NY

"A friend of mine in Holland told me wonderful stories about her friend in the U.S. who communicates with animals and gives them healings. This friend is Joanna.

I called Joanna and she gave my dearest cats, Pim and Noescha, a healing. What a wonderful experience! I have learned so much about my cats and how to communicate with them. Joanna taught me about their feelings and how what they feel is connected to my feelings. She helped my very sensitive Pim adjust when we took in a third cat, Niels. My cats have had several healings with Joanna, and they have become more loving cats.

Every time I feel something is wrong with my cats, I immediately call Joanna and she lets us know what is going on in their lives. It's very special to have a friend like her, and we all love her!"

Simone Peerdeman, The Netherlands

"I called Joanna because my 15-year-old kitty Nermal slipped a disc and could barely walk. She was in pain, shock, and nearly paralyzed. As if that were not enough, my younger cat Toonces became afraid of Nermal. He began hiding in corners and lost interest in everything.

Joanna was able to tap into them immediately. She described their personalities and interactions so exactly that I knew she was with them. She offered tons of advice and gave me information that helped me communicate with them better. I believe she helped to heal them. Nermal is scooting around again and Toonces is back to his old self. I know both of them better now. I am very glad I called Joanna. She is quite remarkable. I have recommended her highly to my other (human) friends."

Cheryl Pelavin. New York, N. Y.