I offer a wide range of services to clients all over the world. These include:

  • Individual (one-on-one) sessions

  • a four-workshop Training Program

  • a variety of advanced courses for Graduates of The Training Program

  • Special Topic Workshops

  • Personalized consultations

  • intensive supervision sessions for animal healing practitioners

  • Custom-tailored programs for groups at a location of their choosing

Individual Sessions help animals with physical, mental, emotional, behavioral and spiritual issues. These one-on-one sessions are an opportunity for you to get to know your animal family member on a deeper level as s/he expresses thoughts, feelings, longings and needs. If your animal is facing a specific challenge, spiritual healing can help get to its root and assist an animal in coming into balance.

The four-workshop Training Program in Animal Communication and Healing is a journey of amazing depth and discovery. Most of my graduates say that the Training Program has profoundly changed their lives as well as their relationship with animals. The Training Program is designed for EVERYONE... from those with little or no experience in communication/ healing to those who work professionally with animals.

Through this program, you'll learn how to open to the place inside you that connects with all life... how to hear, feel, see, sense and know what animals are communicating... and how to communicate with them. This program will teach you how to help animals come into greater balance through compassionate understanding as well as hands-on and distance healing approaches.

After completing the Training Program, you may continue your studies in the advanced Graduate Courses offered throughout the year.

If you are seeking greater insight into animals and the animal/human bond, I invite you to attend Special Topic Workshops that are both informational and experiential. For example, "Animals as Mirrors" explores your relationship with your individual animal family member and how you often reflect each other in life. "Transitions: Illness, Dying and Death" helps you discover new ways of supporting your animals and others who are in major life challenges. No previous class experience is necessary.

In addition, I offer Supervision Sessions by telephone for professional practitioners of telepathic communication and spiritual healing, practitioners-in-training and those working in non-professional capacities with animals. Please contact me for details.