The Training Program:
Introductory, Level I, Level II and Master Class

The Training Program is open to anyone who loves animals -- from individuals and families to healing practitioners and animal care professionals. This program will help you discover your natural ability to communicate with animals as you learn new ways to help them heal. Through lectures, guided meditation, discussion and experiential exercises, you'll expand your awareness and learn how to:

  • understand what animals are saying
  • communicate with animals from your heart and soul
  • help animals heal physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually
  • develop healing abilities through hands-on and distance technique
  • help animals live more balanced, healthy and joyous lives.


A one-day workshop in which you'll learn about who animals truly are and the various ways they communicate with you. You'll begin to discover your natural ability to understand your animal family member as well as other species. This introduction begins to open pathways to a deeper healing relationship with your animal family member(s) and others. (Open to all. Prerequisite for all advanced classes.)

A two-day workshop that builds upon the Introductory curriculum.
Day 1: You'll open more of your natural talents and gifts as you learn more about communicating and working energetically with animals. You'll practice working at a distance with animals and learn about the animal energy system as you help animals come into balance.
Day 2: Your animal family member(s) are invited to join the class and become the teachers for the day! (Prerequisite: Introductory Workshop)


Day 1: Broaden and strengthen your communication and healing abilities as you experience a new depth of connection working with animals. Develop greater confidence by practicing hands-on and at a distance.
Day 2: Under intensive supervision, you'll communicate and work hands-on in healing neighborhood animals and their people in a New York City park! (Prerequisite: Level I.)


Spend a glorious weekend at an animal sanctuary in the rolling hills of Connecticut! Applying everything you've learned, you'll practice communicating and healing and develop your unique approach to healing work. You'll practice hands-on with horses roaming free in the pastures, dogs, cats, chickens and other wildlife. This transformational weekend completes the Training Program with a Certificate of Completion! (Prerequisite: Level II.)

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