Testimonials: Workshops

"I had the unique experience of being in Joanna's Introductory Workshop. I learned how skilled and talented she is in her understanding and caring of animals and in her ability to communicate with them.

As a teacher, Joanna is patient, clear and able to help me enhance my own skills - skills I didn't even know I had. With Joanna's encouragement and support, I was able to communicate with another participant's pet and learn to trust what I received."

Sharon Golden, Hewlett Bay Park, NY

"I found Joanna's Introductory Workshop to be extraordinary! I learned how natural it is to make a deep connection with our beloved animals. It was a profound experience for me to receive very specific information about a classmate's cat, which proved to be true and helpful.

Being at the workshop was not only a learning experience for me but a healing in and of itself."

Linda Preston, Short Hills, NJ

"I wanted to really learn how to communicate with animals so I took Joanna's Introductory Workshop. I was immensely impressed by the absolute integrity of Joanna's respect for each individual (human and animal), and her acknowledging each one's right to his/her own belief system, and the need for confidentiality and non-intrusion. These were not just words she said; they were part of her nature and teachings.

What I have learned from Joanna has greatly helped me get in touch with the spiritual nature that underlies all of creation and manifests in each animal and person."

Valda Wells, Kew Gardens, NY

"I find Joanna to be a knowledgeable teacher, generous with her information and extremely compassionate towards animals. During the Introductory Workshop, I learned to trust my instincts. I realized that I could feel when animals were communicating with me and that I was receiving what they were saying accurately.

Eileen Marder-Mirman, Rockville Centre, NY

"My most memorable experience with Joanna was at the Level I Workshop. On the second day, participants were welcome to bring their animal family members to class. I wasn't enthusiastic about bringing my Labrador (Sarah) because it was winter; she was getting over Lyme disease and was limping severely. I figured she'd be laid up, sick and sore after the workshop. But she really wanted to go.

To my surprise, soon after Sarah got to the workshop, her limp disappeared and never returned! Just being in all that healing energy for one day solved a problem that months of medicine couldn't solve."

Kelly Coyle DiNorcia, W. Orange, NJ

" I learned so much about horses
being with them at the Master Class. They are such great beings and they opened my heart. Joanna's teachings were very clear. We got good instruction and then we were allowed to be ourselves and trust our instincts.
The weekend was transformative for me."

Marian Buonocore, Brooklyn, NY

"Joanna created another truly fascinating workshop for my group at the Master Class. The weekend was eye-opening and a very moving experience for me. Joanna is a very fine teacher who enables her students to progress to a point that some of us would have never thought possible. She creates a very loving, spiritual and supportive environment and teachings in which learning becomes easy and joyful."

Rosemary Haigh, Elmont, NY

"I took Joanna's Training Program in animal communication and healing, and I was very pleased by the care and deep thought that went into each session. Each participant had actual experience and feedback working with animals in the flesh and at a distance. The atmosphere of the class was safe, gentle and supportive so that each person could feel free to discuss his/her fears and limitations as well as successes."

S.G., New York, NY

"Joanna's workshops have been a great experience. Always, it's a mutual healing for both my animals and me. Each time I come away from a workshop, I feel like my inner core has been touched and more of my heart is healed.

Joanna is a very caring and understanding teacher. She validates and encourages us to share our experiences in the group. And she helps us build confidence and belief in ourselves in communicating and healing animals."

Dee Close, N. Brunswick, NJ

"Each of Joanna's workshops was more than I thought possible in one weekend. I love her availability. She allows for what's happening in the moment and yet addresses everything that's on the class schedule. I want to study more with Joanna because she allows me the space to really learn and grow and heal."

Marilyn Winterberg, N ew York, NY

"I find Joanna's workshops challenging and rewarding, and I always stretch beyond what I thought I was capable of during them. Joanna presents a tremendous amount of useful information. She is as compassionate and sensitive to her students as she is to the animals. Her exercises have helped me develop and build an awareness of animals and their essence on all levels -- from physical to emotional to spiritual.

What I have learned has changed me profoundly. I have a new sensitivity to and respect for the sacredness of all life."

Lesley Heathcote, Brattleboro, VT

"I have found Joanna to be an informative and knowledgeable teacher who is able to make practical the spiritual aspects of healing. These workshops changed my life. I realized that this work is part of my life's path. My work now includes more animal communication and healing."

Susan Turner, Riverdale, NY

"Joanna's workshops are a wonderfully centering and creative exploration of the world we share with animals. She has the phenomenal gift of being able to hold a loving space in which to do this work. I have gained so much insight and confidence under Joanna's loving and compassionate tutelage."

Alecia Evans, Tuckaho, NY

"Some people think that animal communication is flaky, but Joanna's workshops are really about compassion. Attending her workshop is like stepping out of this hard world into a soft, peaceful, positive place to relax, learn and practice having compassion towards animals, other people and yourself. Having compassion opens you up to understanding and communicating with animals and people."

Mary Lee Duff, New York, NY

Photographs by D. Francis